Meaningful Therapy for Adolescents and Adults


Are you searching for a sense of purpose, seeking to better understand or be understood, or attempting to make decisions more aligned with your personal values? I am an experienced Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist providing individual, couples and family counseling throughout the state of California. I have supported the journey of people just like you, helping them to approach life’s most difficult challenges in the most effective way possible, working toward a common goal of happiness and fulfillment.

A counseling session with myself serves as an opportunity to safely delve into your interpersonal relationship struggles, creating a confidential space where you can feel heard and understood through empathy and compassion. My role as a therapist is to walk alongside you throughout your journey, offering insight and support in a manner that emphasizes the strengths you (often unknowingly) already possess. Combined with your personal commitment to honest and vulnerable exploration, and willingness to change, the therapeutic experience can bring forth inner peace and healthy, adaptive relationships.

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