Hi, I’m Ashley, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, providing individual and couple’s counseling via Telehealth in Northern California.

I have come to view my role as a therapist in the manner of the traditional helper and healer. I see every individual as the expert of his or her own self, and I strive to empower each client to both develop his or her personal strengths, as well as identify the growing edges that may be challenging one’s ability to grow and change throughout the journey of life.  Increasing one’s awareness of what truly defines him or her allows each person to be fully present in all relationships and personal experiences.  As an existential thinker for many years, my therapeutic approach embodies the belief that we are innately driven to find meaning and purpose in all facets of our lives.   I believe that while this journey is a difficult one at times, the experience of suffering can be minimized through a willingness to actively participate in our own personal growth.

I am drawn to working with people who are considering the need to shift their perspective and are motivated to improve whatever relational dynamics are deepening their experience of suffering.  Whether you are an individual making change for yourself, a partner in a relationship that is questioning the future, or an adolescent attempting to navigate newfound independence while trying to maintain a positive relationship with your parents – our work together can lead to immense positive change and a life that you feel is amazing and worth fully experiencing.


Originally from the North State area myself, I chose to pursue my Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco, a university noted for its emphasis on cultural diversity and passion to make change in our world.  This educational experience was invaluable and assisted me in developing a strong foundation and framework for my future endeavors as a therapist.

Working with a diverse population over the last ten years, the common struggle I have seen is finding the motivation to make personal change, and developing enough meaning and purpose to make the change stick; therefore, moving a person into a state of recovery from whatever circumstance had created his or her suffering.  The vast majority of persons I served were struggling with co-occuring disorders, and were faced with the daunting task of better managing their mental health needs while also maintaining a clean and sober lifestyle.  It was through these experiences that I began to understand the importance of mindfulness and truly being a present and active participant in one’s own life.

Throughout my professional experiences, I have also received training in the following areas and on the implementation of these evidence-based modalities for treatment:

  • Trauma and Dissociation
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)