In my work with individuals, I maintain the premise that while we have no control over the perceptions and behaviors of someone else – we are absolutely able to impact and influence our relationships through deepened awareness of ourselves. Individual therapy is meant to initially assist the person in evaluating whether or not his or her current strategies are effective, eventually progressing toward the empowerment of the client to adapt his or her thoughts/behaviors in a manner that is positively aligned with the goal he or she desires.

Because change is no easy feat, my role as the individual’s therapist is to not only guide my client through the shifting process, but also support him or her through the obstacles that may arise as a result of this journey. As relational beings, our presence is very influential on others – often at an unconscious level. When we shift and adapt our own perceptions and behaviors, this will naturally impact others, especially those whom we are deeply connected to. New challenges may present, testing a person to utilize the tools and strengths he or she has been demonstrating. For these reasons, I view individual therapy as more of a process experience, versus a “problem/solution” experience.